The Opt-In Funnel Course

How to use WordPress to create a gorgeous opt-in funnel + low cost offer that gets the clicks & makes the $$

(without any more grey hairs!)

You’re a savvy online entrepreneur ready to grow your list with your amazing new freebie. There’s just one teensy little problem – you can’t even give it away!

Here's Why

the biggest mistake online business owners make when building their opt-in funnel is winging their copy and landing page design & ending up with *Crickets*

Because in a noisy online world where attention is hard to get, you need a funnel with clickable copy and eye-catching design they just can’t ignore.

Plus, once you’ve got their attention, you’d be all kinds of crazy not to follow through with a quick low $$ offer AKA a ‘tripwire’ (which not only quickly escalates your subscriber relationship, but makes them 10 x more likely to go on to buy your core offer!*)

*Research from Ryan Deiss,

And here’s the thing. You don’t need:

Because creating your own awesome opt-in funnel + tripwire on WordPress is not rocket science.

Which is why, we’re going to show you how to do exactly that inside The Ultimate Opt-in Funnel Course. It’s 4 lessons delivered to your inbox over 4 days, with easy-to-follow video trainings that take you through each step of writing and designing a gorgeous list building + money making funnel, that’s totally on brand.

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What you'll learn

Day 1:

Getting Started with your Funnel

What’s an Opt-in Funnel & tripwire exactly & choose a easy low $$ offer!

Day 2:

Prep Your Funnel for Success!

Plan the perfect funnel that stands out from the crowd

Day 3:

What to write, how and where

Write copy that's so inside their head, it screams: "This was made for you!"

Day 4:

The Finishing Touches

Attention-grabbing visuals + how to make your funnel on-brand & gorgeous

Day 5:


We’ve been saving these 2 extra special gifts for last…

So, make sure you look out for Amanda and Cate’s not 1 but 2 extra-special bonuses that will turbo-charge your shiny new funnel! You’re gonna love them…

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Who are we?

Amanda Ross

Cate Butler Ross

Digital Brand & Product Expert Amanda Ross and Copy & Messaging Expert Cate Butler Ross are the ladies behind the podcast RossSquared: the do this (don’t do that) guide to branding and entrepreneurship. We aren’t related (although possibly separated at birth), and we love combining our expertise to teach women online entrepreneurs the secret sauce to stand-out branding & content to grow your business online.

What our listeners say about the show:​

Perfect balance of conversational and tactical

I love how these two Rosses bring their personality and their knowledge to this. I was listening so intently to their tips that I missed my train stop!! Looking forward to more episodes!


My go to!!

Best new podcast for those looking to build a brand and be inspired!! So happy I stumbled upon it.

Jaime Don

Get ready to laugh and have fun!

This podcast is seriously entertaining, fun, invaluable and packs a punch!! Both Cate and Amanda are experts in their respective fields of business and both put together is pure magic!! I love listening to their both fun and entertaining chatter on this podcast whilst getting invaluable business insights. Keep it up girls! Can’t wait for more epic episodes!!!

Raimonda J

Perfect timing

Just as I’m rebranding and changing up my website these women enter my world! The tips on the home page alone are going to make a big difference — didn’t know about the exit pop-up and loved how Cate reminded us it’s the welcome mat not the whole house. I appreciate their wit and chemistry it’s def going to be a regular on my weekly pod listening list.


Great Vibe!

I like the vibe of the podcast. Informative, inspiring, and great engagement. The vibe between the two “RossHeads” is really positive and makes you want to continue listening to the interactions.

Love it! Very inspiring.

Absolutely love it! So fun to listen to! Very inspiring for anyone thats looking to bring their brand/business to the next level.


Insightful and entertaining!

Great information and tips on branding. Fun, lively and most importantly it was enlightening. Looking forward to future episodes!

Leslie Quinsay

Valuable and fun!

Valuable AND fun at the same time! I love these two amazing ladies! So professional, they know their stuff and can make their job seem so easy! Can’t wait for the rest of their episodes! Go team Ross

Kate Bollanou

Great information & easy listening

I’m enjoying this podcast! It’s easy to listen to Amanda and Cate talk and share their experiences with marketing and hear some differing opinions. Their conversational style makes me feel like I’m out for coffee with friends!

KB from BLP

Love this!

The hosts so enlightening, intuitive and intelligent. They are experts in their field as well as a great business mentors. Their convos are fun and fluid and I learn something new each time. Highly recommend.

This Miss Meliss

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