#8: How to Make Content Creation Simple

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You can’t run and you can’t hide… If you want to be known for what you do, grow your brand or just get some more CUSTOMERS, you need to be creating content on the reg. And yet, if like so many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the thought of regular content creation makes you want to lie down in a dark room, chances are this essential part of your business is probably being neglected, resented or entirely ignored.

Well, here’s the thing…

Content creation doesn’t have to be so freaking hard (or confusing or overwhelming or nausea inducing).

In fact, it should be fun. After all, what’s not to love about serving, connecting and building relationships with the very people you can’t wait to work with – for free, every single day?!

In this episode you’re going to learn:

– How to never run out of things to talk about in your content

– Which content *really* moves the needle in your business (and what’s just wasting precious time)

– The 3 content boxes you should be ticking

– The simple way to create original content that doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel

– How repurposing is your friend

and last but not least…

– The no.1 overwhelm buster (AKA batching & scheduling) – and how to do it.

You can thank us later 😉 Enjoy!

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