#6 The Best Platforms for your Business (& how to work them like a Boss)

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, Pinterest, YouTube…. There’s no end to the platforms you *could* be showing up on to get the word out about your brand… But where are you wasting time, and which are the platforms that are really going to move the needle inside your business….?

In this episode you’ll learn how to figure out which social media platforms will help you shine & get you on the radar of your ideal customers.

Here are some of the things you’re going to learn:

  • How many platforms should you *really* be on?
  • Facebook groups – who do they work for (& when are they just a soul suck)?
  • When working your personal profile is savvy not sleazy
  • The platforms with the highest ROI right now
  • The forgotten goldmine you haven’t logged into for years

NB: If classic 1980s/ 90s films don’t float your boat, just fast forward to about 5 minutes because that’s when we really get stuck into the good stuff 😉

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