#5: How to get their attention in 3 seconds

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(Because that’s how long you’ve got to get them hooked, before they scroll on by… )

In a world of diminishing attention spans, digital overwhelm and a crowded online space, how do you get that soulmate customer to take a chance on you? Well, you’ve got to make an awesome first impression and you’ve got to make it fast.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • High impact visuals (and the ones you think are good but are actually totally annoying)
  • How to write a headline that’s going to stop ‘em in their tracks
  • The 2 most powerful words in copywriting

Plus Amanda shares her morning routine in detail in case you want to replicate it (Cate shares hers too, but that’s less appealing).

Websites we mention:

SEO Presser – Blog Title Generator

Neil Patel – Uber Suggest

Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer

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