#43 – Is Blogging Dead?

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You might be wandering, are you wasting your time starting a blog right now?

Blogging still has a bit of a mystique about it, but the truth is with the explosion of the online world in the last decade, the days of starting a blog and becoming an overnight influencer with thousands of followers has almost certainly gone (although we all know no success is ever overnight).

So starting a traditional blog is almost certainly going to be more effort and less return than you think. Then again, done the right way, your blog can actually be a huge asset to your business and an incredible way to drive traffic to your website.

Hit play now to discover:

  • Why blogging is perhaps one of the best ways to grow your authority online
  • Why engaging your audience through a blog is actually so much easier than on any of the social media platforms you’re on
  • How blogging has changed and what you need to do to make yours stand out from the crowd and attract and tribe of raving fans

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