#37 How to finally get your book written

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If you’ve been trying to get your book written but you’re ready to chuck it (and your laptop) out the window. Hit play now!

You’ve been trying to write your book for months (read: years). And even though you KNOW what an impact it could have on your business; the authority it will give you, plus what an important part of your funnel it could be… you just can’t seem to get it done.

Your desk is covered with scraps of disjointed paragraphs and barely decipherable scribbles. And the bits that have made it into a word document are the right words (maybe), but entirely in the wrong order. It’s torture. It’s hell. Quite frankly you’d rather book a bikini wax than sit down and work on your manuscript these days. How has something you were once so excited about, turned into such a chore…

Stop! It’s ok! It doesn’t need to be so hard! And inside this episode Cate is going to tell you exactly how to easily break your book down into a best-selling outline, which you can then chunk into easy to bash out titbits, that will take you no longer than your weekly blog post.

Ready to finally get your book out there? Press Play now…

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