#32 Want to create an online course? Listen to this first

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Ready to create your online course and generate some passive income for your business? You better listen to this first…

Because as a serial course creator, Amanda knows how to put together a totally awesome online course that’ll turn your customers in to lifelong raving fans – and she also knows a thing or two about the most common mistakes entrepreneurs are making every single day when trying tap into the Billion-Dollar online learning market.

The truth is, while every entrepreneur and their sister has a course out, not everyone’s making good ones. And if you’re course isn’t planned, created and structured in a way that delivers RESULTS, it’s very likely it won’t be the success story you’d hoped for (and that’s not great for your reputation either).

Luckily in this episode Amanda’s going to be clearing up exactly what you need to do to make sure your course idea ticks ALL the boxes and how to build it out for maximum results.

Hit play now to discover:

  • How to work out if an online course is REALLY your best investment in time right now
  • The simple formula you need to run before you start creating a single module
  • How to come up with your amazing course idea
  • Why giving them you’re all is just gonna put them off
  • The secret to generating tons of success stories (that’ll be rocket-fuel for your marketing)



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