#28 Why you might not want your business on facebook…

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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest…. as a small online business it’s hard to imagine what our brands would look like without these social media platforms helping us to connect with and sell to our ideal customers and clients every single day. But if you dug a little deeper in to how they actually operate behind the scenes, is your favourite platform really the place you want to be building your brand?

Integrity online is something that we care a lot about at RossSquared, and it’s something that Amanda completely informs Amanda’s currently social media strategy.  So in this episode she walks Cate through the 5 main social media giants; points out which ones are the most transparent and ethical in their values and approach,  and which ones are looking more than a little shady…

Hit play to find out:

  • Which 2 often overlooked social media platforms can you really feel good about showing up on
  • Which platform is making up for a bit of a wobble, but it’s perhaps too little too late
  • Why it’s acceptable for social media platforms to set boundaries around what is and isn’t ok (and why they should)
  • And which social media giant you should be treating with extreme caution
  • How to move platforms without losing business




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