#24 What’s happening with us? Cate & Amanda TOTALLY unscripted

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WARNING: This wasn’t meant to be a conversation we were having in public…. and Amanda swears. Fairly often (no beeps).


And if you listen to this episode without reading the show notes first you might be a bit like, WTF?

But while all our episodes are unscripted, this is the most unscripted of the unscripted. Because this episode is really just a couple of business buds catching up over Zoom during a global pandemic, before we got down to the business of batching our next few scheduled episodes…

But as we chatted about the big changes each of us are making inside our respective businesses to pivot and future proof our brands and incomes, we suddenly realised that there was a whole lot of behind-the-scenes value there we could be sharing with you.

So rather than trying to remember what on earth we’d just talked about and how we can fit it all into one episode, we decided to just package it all up for you, raw and real.

So if you’ve ever wondered what we talk about in between episodes, what’s really happening inside our businesses and our brains, press play to hear a bit more about:

  • What we’re working on (and why we’re both changing our business models)
  • Audience building when you’ve been a 1:1 and referral based business
  • Hiring staff and growing the teams (and why Amanda just can’t keep a VA)
  • Managing social media visibility overwhelm
  • Repurposing content
  • Brand vision
  • Future-proofing your business and why you REALLY need to know why you’re doing all this

See you there!


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