#23 Why You Need to Get on Board with Video Right Now

#23 Why You Need to Get on Board with Video Right Now

Video comes up a LOT on RossSquared, because we know that next to face to face, it is the most powerful way to connect with your audience, customers and clients. So if you’ve been listening a while, you’ll have guessed that we are both huge video advocates. That’s why we decided to finally dedicate a whole episode to it, because so many entrepreneurs are terrified of video, and yet it’s  so important for your visibility, know-like-trust AND can be a powerful tool to build relationships and maintain communication with your existing clients (this episode was recorded pre C-19 but suddenly this element is taking on a whole new relevance and resonance).

Hit play to hear what we’ve got to say about

  • Where to use video on your website and in your content
  • How to use it to speed up communications with your clients and colleagues and deepen connections and understanding
  • How to get comfy with being on camera
  • Plus tons of other juicy bits and pieces

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