#19 How to Show Up In Uncertain Times

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There’s a whole lot of icky going on right now. Maybe you’re convinced no-one’s buying so… what’s the point in showing up anyway? Or that your business is so irrelevant right now – who wants to hear for you? Or you’re scared that if you do show up you’ll be seen as some kind of sleazy salesperson trying to benefit from other people’s gloom.

Well, we beg to differ. Because now is the time that we need to be stepping up and serving more than ever – and if you have a paid offer that can take that service to the next level – that’s totally ok to talk about too!

But it’s true that if you are showing up, you need to be doing it more consciously than ever.

Hit play to learn:

– Why you don’t have to feel awkward about selling right now
– Why connection is more important than ever – and how to use this time to deepen relationships with clients and your audience
– The no.1 most powerful way to show up in your content that will totally change the game.

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