#18 How to Pivot and Rise with the Tide

#18 How to Pivot and Rise with the Tide

Everything has changed. And it’s quite likely you’re looking at a lot of your plans for 2020 and throwing them in the circular filing cabinet (AKA the trash can). But here’s the good news. As entrepreneurs, as owners of our businesses, we’re also keepers of our own destinies and that doesn’t mean you have to give up or freeze.

It’s time to do the pivot because people are still buying and you still have something to offer that someone wants. It might just be that what you offer, or who you’re offering it to, is slightly different than before.

Press play to find out:

  • Why your brand voice and niching is more important than ever right now
  • How to work out exactly what people need from you in this ‘new normal’
  • And how to create new opportunities out of change

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