#17 Selfcare for CEOs – How to look after you right now

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So, this isn’t the episode we had planned, but this isn’t really the April 2020 we’d planned either. And quite frankly when the world’s gone into lockdown, it felt a bit weird breezing in with our scheduled episode. Yes, COVID-19 is changing everything right now – the way we live, the way we shop, the way we socialise, the way we do business, the way we lead. And let’s face it, however pragmatic you’re feeling right now these are scary, scary times.

And we’ve both felt it, believe me. But staying out of fear is the best work you can do for yourself and your business right now.

So we wanted to create some episodes that acknowledged what’s going on, and could hopefully offer a little bit of support, advice, encouragement and solidarity with you. Because we’re going through it too, and if there is even one or two little nuggets of wisdom we can share that will help you see things differently today, well, that’s worth it.

So in this episode we’re talking about taking care of you, and how and why you should be doing that first and foremost right now – yes before you start panicking about pivots and opportunities… Because as business owners and entrepreneurs, both Amanda and I know how important it is to be coming from a place of strength – at the best of times and definitely at the worst.

So here’s what we have been focusing on doing to help support ourselves and our families through this challenging time. And actually, they’re good practices for always.

If you know that self care is something that’s been at the bottom of your to do list now’s the perfect time for a pattern interrupt; to change things up and start filling your cup. Because you need to be your best you right now.

Ready to start trying to feel good again? Hit play.


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