#11 Easy Testimonials That Change the Game (& How to Get ’em)

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What’s (almost) more important than getting paid? Getting a testimonial. Because social proof is the thing that helps build trust and grow your business. So if you’re guilty of having a bunch of happy customers but virtually no first person evidence to prove it, this episode is going to help you sort that little problem out.

Press play if you not only want to find out how to get your customers to actually GIVE you a testimonial, but also how to make it it an AWESOME one.


– How to coach the testimonial (so they say all the right things)
– The only time its okay to offer something in exchange for a review
– The questions you *really * need to be asking your customers
– The best techniques for effortlessly generating tons of social proof
– Steal Amanda’s EXACT email for getting testimonials

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