#10 How To Slay Your Lead Magnet

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Building your brand on borrowed ground (AKA social media) is a risky business, which is why growing your email list should be high priority for any savvy business owner. But how do you actually get those prized emails on to your list in the first place I hear you ask? Well, with irresistible, high value lead magnets baby, that’s how.

Because there’s soooo much more to an opt-in than a checklist.

In this episode you’ll not only get a ton of lead magnet ideas to inspire you, from the classic tried and tested to the new and improved formats. But you’ll also discover:

– How to choose an opt-in format that plays to your strengths & that your ideal clients will LOVE
– How to hook them with the content so they stick around for more
– The biggest opt-in mistakes we see all. the. time (and how to avoid them)
– How to get your lead magnet out there – so people ACTUALLY sign up!

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Jeff Walker The Product Launch Formula; www.jeffwalker.com

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