#1: Welcome to the RossSquared Podcast

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Meet Amanda & Cate!

It’s the first ever episode of the RossSquared podcast (Whoop, whoop!)

So this is the one where we roll out the welcome mat, crack open your favourite kind of bubbly, and tell you EXACTLY what RossSquared is really all about.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

We’re a couple friends from either side of the pond (Amanda is near Toronto, Cate from London, UK), who are also experts in helping purpose-driven female leaders get seen, heard and remembered. How do it? Well, one of us does it through fantastical web design & visual branding, and the other through fearless content and magnetic messaging.

And basically, that’s what we’re going to be chatting about on the show.

In this episode you’ll also find out:

  • Who we are (what we used to do before all this) and why the hell you should be listening to us anyways
  • How we met and whether we’re in fact related
  • Some of the juicy topics we’ve got coming up over the next few episodes

Be there or be squared…! (too cheesy? Nah, we like cheesy).

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