The Podcast

The do this guide to branding for purpose-driven female leaders


Listen in as Design Expert Amanda Ross* and Copy & Messaging Expert Cate Butler Ross* talk tips, tactics & the secret sauce behind branding that gets you noticed. 

*No relation (possibly separated at birth)

Your Hosts

Amanda Ross


Fashion school, how posh of me!? They sold me on the idea that I’d be a savage buyer travelling to exotic places in search of the next “it” thing… in reality I managed a retail store, which was less than exciting.

So, in 2001 I went back to school for web design, where it was all hideous code that created gorgeous things – I was hooked! Next was an IT company where I led an International Marketing team with a $1 million budget for 6 years. Then, I led two highly successful real estate companies and coached hundreds of agents on how to build their brands.

But then, 2013 hit and I realized that I still wasn’t living the dream, so I quit and started my own business, SparkLab, and I’ve been helping small business move into the digital space ever since.

My dog’s name is Buffy after the Vampire Slayer (TV not movie), I listen to acoustic hip-hop and R&B while I work and I have a very well thought-out plan for the coming Zombie apocalypse. 

Cate Butler Ross


Hey, I’m Cate, and I help women entrepreneurs find their voice and create communications with a heartbeat. I’m basically all about good copy and great storytelling. 

My career began in journalism as a features writer and commissioning editor on some of the UK’s top glossies, telling the stories of hundreds of incredible women (and a few men). 

Then in 2017, I discovered my love for teaching, which is why now as a coach and mentor, I tell stories about finding your voice, and teach entrepreneurs and visionary leaders how to communicate their soul-work with strategy and creativity (aka copywriting, content marketing + that little something-something that makes you, you).

I’m also a mum to 2 rascals, and a G&T drinking, Toblerone eating, crystal-hoarding book nerd, who writes stories for fun.

Connect with me: 

Our Story

Amanda’s a Design Pro and Cate’s a Copy & Messaging Expert; an ocean apart geographically, but totally on the same page when it comes to helping visionary female leaders create stand-out brands. 

(Oh, and when it comes to 90s pop culture…. )

Scene: facebook group for women in business circa 2018
Cate has just posted a comment on a group thread. And Amanda (a complete stranger) has replied with a gifphy of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Cate: No way! I love Buffy!

Amanda: Me too, I named my dog after her!

Cate: That’s so weird! We even have the same surname?!

Amanda: D’you think maybe we’re related?

Cate: Well, you’re in Canada and I’m in England and Ross is my married name, but maybe? Let’s be friends!

Amanda posts a giphy of Dawn Summers. Caption: “You’re my sister”


Anyway, enough of that (I’m going to move out of the 3rd person now because it’s getting a bit tedious) Cate here, words gal…

So seriously, although we bonded over some 90s cult television banter and our shared surname, we’ve so much more in common that all that.

We’re 2 clued-up entrepreneurs, taking fast and messy action to grow our own businesses, which both happen to help women with big missions share their message through powerful branding.

So when Amanda messaged me and asked if I wanted to do a podcast with her that could share our complementary skill sets of copy & design….

I said “YES!”

And within a couple of months we’d already cut 8 awesome episodes filled with our juiciest tactics and lessons learned on building a brand that stands out from the crowd.

We also now have our own website (which you’re on) and a Mailchimp account together.

Catch the happily ever after over on the RossSquared podcast (in between some pretty awesome practical and tactical advice on growing your brand through words and design).

See you there?

Cate (and Amanda)